Development Kits for Microsoft® Windows™

System Information Dev Kit

Gathers in-deep informations about the core components of a PC: CPU, chipset, memory.

System Monitoring Dev Kit

Include in your applications advanced system monitoring features : voltages, temperatures, fan speeds checking..

What the CPUID SDK Does and How.

The CPUID Software Development Kits offer a powerful set of hardware-related routines to any Windows application developed with any modern programming language. At the core of the CPUID kits is a powerful hardware detection and hardware monitoring engine based on a kernel-mode software driver.

A ready-to use solution.

The choice of the CPUID SDK firstly means a significant time saving in hardware-related developments. In only a few minutes, your application integrates a powerful and widely-tested detection engine, the same as the one that drives the popular CPU-Z.

A worldwide used hardware detection engine.

With more than 2.2 million copies downloaded every month, CPU-Z is the insurance that the detection engine you'll use in your applications is safe and reliable. Every major change in the detection engine is first included in CPU-Z for a validation test before it is added to the CPUID SDK, that ensures that you are always working with a completely debugged engine.

Industry support.

CPU-Z benefits from a great support of the hardware industry, resulting in the best source of information and a quick reactivity in the support of latest technologies.

Featured customers

CPUID has a portfolio of more than 100 clients, and it is growing every month.

CPUID benefits from the trust of the hardware industry, and we're proud to offer our services to several prestigious companies, such as Futuremark, EVGA and Intel.